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Book Addendum




Book Addendum

Dear Readers,

This segment was accidentally left out of Delicious Real Food, A Guide to a Healthy Way of Life. We apologize for this oversight.

Whole Eggs

As you peruse and make our recipes you'll notice that egg recipes are made primarily with egg whites or a combination of egg whites and a whole egg. The cook is allergic to yolks and therefore, our delectable recipes have been prepared in this manner.

For those of you who do not have an allergic reaction to yolks, enjoy whole eggs as a matter of preference and/or for their many health benefits. Whole eggs (especially the yolks) are full of vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, beta-carotene, protein, etc. Modify the recipes according to your dietary requirements but keep in mind that the current nutrient totals provided for each recipe will need to be adjusted. Also, remember to cook eggs at lower temperatures to retain the nutrients.

Pastured eggs from chickens that are free to forage for grass and insects are of much higher nutritional quality than eggs from confinement chickens. Also, these chickens are often not fed soy. Whole eggs from pastured chickens are a powerful enhancement to a healthy diet. These eggs can be found at a local farmer's market or you can also check out the following web sites to locate pastured eggs. Contact the farms to ask what the chickens are fed.

If you prefer to purchase whole eggs at your favorite natural and organic grocery store or supermarket, then check out the Ingredients Shopping List (p. 327) for some good alternatives.