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Judith Gabrielle Rabner

MS RD, Nutritionist

"YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE" is one of the nicest things that a client has said to Judith Gabrielle Rabner as she continues to move her clients toward health and away from disease. Ms. Rabner is a uniquely qualified and experienced, dedicated, passionate, and patient- and family-oriented registered dietitian nutritionist, serving clients from North and Central New Jersey and New York City area, from her Montclair, NJ. office. Similar expressions of thanks reflecting results like these are the driving forces for her in her practice.

Uniquely and Experienced are the result of her incredibly broad skills and experiences off Ms. Rabner. She has been a registered dietitian nutritionist for 22 years, but has lived much of her life using the power of proper nutrition to bring herself, her family and now her clients towards health. These two phrases apply to Ms. Rabner as you review her multi-faceted credentials and experiences which she brings to providing nutritional advice to her patients.

1. Uniquely Qualified and Experienced through her many years of successful and passionate work with her private clients in broad range of health issues during her 17 years which she has spent in private practice. Ms. Rabner sees clients and provides them with meal plans and learning materials for obesity and weight control needs, immune system disorders, allergy issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, gastrointestinal problems, acid reflux, diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis, heart disease and high blood pressure, cancer, infertility, and pregnancy and lactation issue and others. Her practice includes adults, young adults and children of all ages.

2. Uniquely qualified and experienced by having outstanding and broad professional credentials: Ms. Rabner has worked as a dietitian at world renowned medical centers, Mount Sinai and New York Medical Center, is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, has a Masters in the Science of Nutrition; served as a clinical coordinator for an FDA study, and is a certified herbalist.

3 . Uniquely qualified and experienced by her writing and speaking on a broad range of nutritional topics: Ms. Rabner has worked with four nationally recognized physicians in the writing of important books on health and nutrition, has co-authored a book entitled 'Delicious Real Food, A Guide to a Healthy Way of Life', and has continued public lecturing on various nutritional topics. Some appear on You Tube.

4. Uniquely qualified and experienced through many years of working with outstanding physicians and other health care providers in both classical and clinical as well as holistic approaches to nutritional therapies.

5. Finally, Ms. Rabner is uniquely qualified and experienced by applying her education and expertise in nutrition to her own life which has helped her to lead a disease-free, healthy and vigorous life-style. This in turn strengthens her ability to relate to clients and construct replicable, effective, and curative diet plans to enhance their overall well-being. Ms. Rabner works with her clients' other health care providers to ensure collaboration and assist in the cohesive treatment of her clients' needs. In her spare time, Ms. Rabner enjoys the fruits of her healthful living: yoga, hiking, skiing and cross-country skiing, kayaking, biking, gardening, swimming, tennis as well as cooking, creating recipes and assisting her extended family by cooking with them, and helping them to find healthy eating choices which taste delicious.

Judith Gabrielle Rabner, MS RD, Nutritionist and Herbalist
    Phone: 973-632-9605